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Counter Surveillance

The days of traditional listening devices are over. The most common source of stolen information comes directly from computers. Just as Law Firms, Government agencies, and other businesses who maintain proprietary information have their offices swept for listening devices, they often overlook the most obvious and vulnerable source of information that also can be illegally monitored - your network!

Optimal Intelligence Investigators are experts in the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures; known in the field as TSCM. Our staff will audit the individual machines and network for such intrusions as well as provide a valid architecture of your entire network outlining the vulnerabilities that provide intrusion methods for attackers.

If and when these rogue process are identified, they are preserved into evidence. At that time, our Investigators will initiate and investigation in effort to identify the source of the mole. Responsible parties are then identified for the client for their effective criminal prosecution and/or civil remedy.