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Given the increased anonymity the Internet provides, billions of non-solicited eMails are arbitrarily sent throughout the world. These non-solicited eMails or SPAM are responsible for up to 44% of the internet traffic on eMail servers. But SPAM is not the only concern the average email user finds themselves faced with.

Email can also be used to send threatening, harassing, stalking, fraudulent, and other destructive means of communications. These eMails can be sent through anonymous proxies and other web-based platforms that seem to provide the sender full anonymity.

Optimal Intelligence's investigative staff utilizes cutting edge technology and old-fashioned investigative skills to identify the senders of such eMails. Many companies claim to have this ability, while only using simple software to trace-route the information provided in the sender's eMail Headers. This manner only provides the client the ISP of the sender, not the sender themselves. Optimal Intelligence takes these investigations a step further, and provide you with the actual sender of the email. Optimal Intelligence opens case files on eMail transmittals that have already been investigated by other firms. Optimal Intelligence will be your first and last stop in this arena.

An internet profile of the senders' online activities can also be provided upon request.

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