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Insurance Fraud - Special Investigative Unit (SIU)

Optimal Intelligence provides a professional insurance fraud investigation. All investigations are assigned to our specialized insurance investigators. We work directly with our clients to confirm the validity of the claim. As the preferred fraud investigation firm we will determine what happened, whether or not it was legal, and who was responsible. Optimal Intelligence has exclusive capabilities that ensure the validity of the claim we are investigating.


To determine the validity of a claim, OI is called on to provide our client’s an accurate report and evidence that will confirm the validity of the claim. The client receives a High Definition DVD (or the media of their choice) along with a detailed report as to the observed actions of the claimant.

Fast Turnaround! Optimal Intelligence can deploy their Operatives within minutes of the request. The client will receive the completed case within 24 hours after we terminate our efforts.

100 accurate! With GPS tracking, our client’s can track the Operatives vehicle instantly. With half hour video timestamps, our client can confirm the accuracy of the report. With Online access, our clients know in Real-Time what is going on in the field! If we are unable to confirm the claimant within their known location, OI will not charge for unconfirmed activity.

-DMV Reports and Background Check on Claimant
-In field updates from our fraud Investigators
-Expert witness testimony and affidavits
-Digital and Analog evidence and Still Photographs
-Comprehensive report detailing what we observed

AOE/COE (Arising out of employment / In the Course of employment)

Optimal Intelligence will review your objectives prior to the genesis of any investigation, we will assign an experienced Operative to your case. OI clients expect direct contact with the Operative both online and via telephone. Upon completion of each case, the client will receive a detailed report documenting the incident, past history of claimant, background report, medical releases, pictures and a background investigation.

Upon completion of the investigation, the client will receive the detailed packet within 24 hours. Our clients enjoy 24/7 access to all current and past cases via our SSL secured site called “Opti-Link.” With online access, you will have instant access to the case as it transpires, with online reports, Operative notes and up to the minute updates.

Optimal Intelligence has become the #1 choice for many Insurance Companies throughout the U.S., OI has established a consistent, affordable resource to combat this ongoing issue. Insurance fraud is estimated in billions of United States dollars.